Based on a realistic level of operational risk Prison and Correctional Services from around the world have recently turned to SlashPRO® to investigate the benefits of certified, field tested and operationally sound slash resistant clothing, protecting their officers’ key arteries from laceration, rapid blood loss, subsequent shock and potential fatalities.
SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Arm Guards are now available to police or prison public order teams, covert police officers, firearms officers, as well as private security professionals, bailiffs and taxi drivers.
Cut Resistant Neck Guards by SlashPRO® are pieces of protective equipment worn by a diversity of public facing professionals around the world.
This article is about raising awareness of the risks and threats faced by covert operatives, and how slash resistant hoodies and help reduce the risk of knife and workplace violence related injuries.
The objective of SlashPRO Slash Resistant Clothing is to protect police, prison and security officers, and to reduce the number of knife and workplace violence related injuries.
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