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Bite Resistant Arm Guards For Special Educational Needs Teachers

Bite Resistant Arm Guards For Special Educational Needs Teachers

BitePRO® bite resistant arm guards have been carefully developed for special educational needs teachers and other professionals working with individuals diagnosed with autism. 

They are extremely comfortable and user friendly, and they can be worn for an extended amount of time. 

With a significantly reduced risk of getting scratched or bitten, teachers working with students/pupils displaying any type of challenging behavior will be keen to allow the all children to engage with others to build confidence and further social skills. However, we do know that scratching, pinching or biting can be a frequent occurrence when working with such complex young individuals.

We are offering several different bite resistant arm guards models and designs.  You may prefer one or another, subject to your specific job role, work environment and design preferences. Our most popular model is the "Version 3 Arm Guards".

bite resistant arm guards for autism

Why scratch & bite resistant arm guards?

Students and pupils displaying challenging behaviour can harm teachers as well as other pupils by biting, scratching and pinching. They can also exhibit self-injurious behaviour when frustrated with the challenges of fine-motor tasks or when the demand of an activity has increased in difficulty. 

The complexities of mental illnesses can make it especially difficult to identify exactly why these incidents occur. It may be due to several reasons ranging from sensory issues to anxiety, frustration or simply exhaustion. Senses can be heightened or masked for those with autism which would explain a lot of incidents.

Bite Resistant Arm Guards for special needs

Take for example a child who bangs their head repeatedly against a table. It is alarming and clearly self-destructive but would not appear so from the child’s point of view. They may be carrying out this act to comfort themselves or distract from anxiety. Their pain threshold may be far higher than the average neuro-typical person while their sense of physical awareness is masked. Thus, they feel the need for strong stimulus. Teachers often imagine that wearing any protection would be obvious to the pupils, and intimidating, but it is not the case with our protective sleeves.

Such aggressive behaviour can also be directed toward the education professional, and whilst there are many violence reduction techniques that professionals use to de-escalate situations and behaviours, every now and then those can be unpredictable, and added protection, such as scratch and bite resistant arm guards are essential for the safety of teachers.

Our arm guards are available in a number of designs, styles and sizes. In order to help you chose the most suitable model we have created a simple ‘Guide to BitePRO® Arm Guards’:

bite resistant arm guards comparison chart

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Please also read our expert blog: What are challenging behaviour injuries", also highlighting special educational needs and autism.

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