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SlashPRO® Anti Slash Clothing

SlashPRO® Anti Slash Clothing has been developed to significantly improve your personal safety, by offering extremely high levels of cut protection to your most vulnerable areas, to which common body armour do not offer any protection at all.

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Allow me to explain some extremely important things about human anatomy and its relevance to combat to help you understand why this type of ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ makes clear operational sense,

According to the New York Post on Monday morning, the 16th April 2018, a very young school boy, grabbed a kitchen knife and walked into his central Minnesota elementary school.  He then slashed three fellow pupils aged 8, 9 and 13 years-old.

I have explained in my previous article “The Rise of Global Knife Crime” why an increasing number of criminals and terrorists a) carry knives and b) utilise knives to reach their misguided objectives. 

Global rise in knife crime article

The above-mentioned incident simply highlights once again that you, as a homeland security professional or enforcement agent, must subsequently accept that anyone carrying a knife represents a real danger, even if the person you are facing looks so different to the way you would imagine a knife attacker should look like at times. Sometimes we just can’t predict who we will face the morning we go to work… and that’s precisely why I believe anti-slash clothing makes sense.  It is just there, ready for when you need it.

Anti Slash Clothing – Why It Makes Operational Sense?

Those who know how to use a knife efficiently do understand that stabbing and blood loss will not necessarily or swiftly disable an attacker.

Combat expert and author Michael Janich once mentioned an incident where an attacker received more than fifty stab wounds and still managed to fight for several minutes before collapsing following the high levels of blood loss.

I personally have witnessed similar cases of individuals who have survived multiple stabbings and made their way home without any assistance, many of them were oblivious of the severity of injury they had suffered.

In a self-defence situation (or in a situation where your operation requires you to disable an attacker) seconds can make a real difference between life and death. Please know if you hurt/injure/wound an attacker, but he still can harm you…  you may still die.

If someone has developed the knowledge to immediately incapacitate you, you really have to understand human anatomy.

To hold anything in your hand, such as a weapon, shield, baton, pepper spray or CS gas, the muscles of your forearm will contract, and they will pull on the flexor tendons.  These tendons pass through your wrist and are attached to your fingers. If anyone cuts the tendons or the muscles that power them, your hand will no longer be able to close and hold whatever you were holding before. Sometimes this is referred to as ‘biomechanical cutting’. Anti slash clothing can effectively prevent such injury and keep you alive.

Your flexors tendons or muscles of the forearm, the biceps and triceps muscles of your upper arms, and the major quadriceps muscles just above the knee require dependable, effective protection from such targeted cut or also called laceration.

Let us also look briefly at the area just above the knee, where the muscles narrow and connects to the patellar tendon. It is a large target, and if someone is close enough to reach your body, that person will obviously also be close enough to reach your quadriceps. Cutting this muscle or injuring it severely is called ‘mobility kill’.  You will no longer be able to successfully defend yourself. 

The Filipino martial arts, which have a very highly advanced edged-weapon culture, us a tactic called “defanging the snake”.  This incredibly effective tactic is all about targeting the attacking limb to destroy its structure and function. The weapon is the “fang” and the arm wielding it is the “snake.” Removing the fang from the snake immediately eliminates the primary threat to the defender, which is the attacker’s weapon. 

Aiming to cut the attacker’s wrist or forearm is one of the prime objectives. The goal is to sever the flexor tendons that connect the forearm muscles to the fingers, destroying the attacker’s ability to grip his weapon. Cutting the muscles on the inside of the forearm can produce the same effect.

A truly superb combat tactic, and such tactic makes once again great sense out of the wearing of anti slash clothing.

Slash targets infographic

Of course, many of us will have been more concerned about being ‘stabbed’ in the past, however just be aware of the fact there are individuals out there, maybe even highly trained individuals, who might have other plans.

Who Should Consider Anti Slash Clothing?

Let me make it clear… there are many many men and women out there who have made a serious professional decision in their lives to protect other human beings, facilities, infrastructure and events from those who wish to cause harm destruction and death.

As the CEO of PPSS Group I truly believe those men and women must have the moral and also legal right to be equipped properly, and my article should simply highlight the risks and threat they face on a daily basis. Risks and threats the overall public is just not aware of or simply cannot comprehend.

PPSS Group is tremendously passionate about your safety and our key objective and mission is to let the world know that their safety can be effectively improved, without compromising their ability to operate and function whatsoever.

Robert Kaiser, CEO

PPSS Group

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