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Wearing A Body Armour Will Still Leave You Being Vulnerable

Self-defence can come in a variety of forms, styles and disciplines. If you are not professionally trained, it is a natural physical reaction to defend yourself by raising your arms in front of you, when being attacked.

Throw a punch towards anyone’s face or body and watch that reaction which is also referred to as the “startle reflex”. It is inbuilt and involuntary but designed to help you avoid serious injury.

Now let’s add a greater threat than a punch. How about a knife… a broken bottle… a razor blade… a shank?

Is that natural reaction to an attack going to prevent serious injury now?

If we examine the imagery of that reaction, we can clearly see, both the ulnar artery and radial artery in your wrist and forearm will be exposed.  Now consider the potential edged weapon making contact in the same attack. The likely result is a cut artery, leading to rapid blood loss, subsequent shock and even loss of life.

Any other severe injury to the arms e.g. cut tendon or muscle would prevent you from defending yourself effectively.  You would most likely become extremely vulnerable and turn into an ‘easy target’.

Mitigating the Risk

At PPSS Group we have developed Cut-Tex® PRO, an ultra-high-performance cut and slash resistant fabric.

Our SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing made from this truly outstanding fabric is comfortable to wear, fully machine washable and of truly exceptional strength and durability.

The images show two of our products from the SlashPRO® range. These are our slash resistant arm guards and slash resistant gloves. Our arm guards are easy to put on and can be worn underneath long-sleeved clothing. Our gloves are comfortable, lightweight, offer dexterity and can also come with additional needle protection.

Examine the photographs again and now appreciate that with the addition of some simple but extremely effective items of SlashPRO® an attack of this type holds a greater chance of survival without a serious injury.


Colin Mackinnon, Technical Lead

PPSS Group

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