About SlashPRO®

SlashPRO Headquarters

UK based SlashPRO® is dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of slash resistant clothing. 

SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing has been designed to protect frontline professionals, such as those working in hostile environments, which include, prison and correctional facility officers, homeland security professionals, police officers and those in the private security sector. 

Everyone working within any of these sectors will know that incidents of this nature could be very serious, including potentially fatal and that it is an occupational risk that they face on a daily basis. 

SlashPRO® is on the receiving end of emails and telephone calls of professionals speaking openly about their concerns, fears and recent incidents within their work environment. 

The risk of sustaining a slashing type injury is real and SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing is designed, developed and manufactured to address these potential threats. 

Please contact us in case you wish to read some extremely interesting testimonials from some of your well respected colleagues around the world.

Take good care of yourself.

Robert Kaiser, CEO 
PPSS Group